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I can haz another blog...

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I can haz another blog...

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Go to http://watching-forever.blogspot.com/ for some ruinous fun.

I've been seriously obsessed by ruins and relics for years. I've finally started a blog about them. Abandoned skyscrapers, feral houses, weird half-finished luxury playgrounds for totalitarian governments, civilizations buried in volcanic ash, towns abandoned after industrial disasters, controlled implosions, shipwrecks, and buildings where someone realized after awhile that "oops, maybe we shouldn't have torn that down"--I'll get to them all. It's partially a way for me to keep track of all the neat sites and photos and information and such I've come across in about ten years of studying what more or less comes down to the romance of decay. Disaster porn. Ya know ya wanna watch....

My LJ will remain what it is today: my personal thoughts and musings, usually not about ruined buildings.
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