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busy busy busy

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This has been a very busy weekend. Yesterday, I ran some errands, refreshed my hair colour, finally started the Pelican cloak I've been gathering materials for, and then went over to Lois & Grom's place for a surprise birthday party for Grom. Wonderful food, lots of people, just a nice time. I've got Hector all bouncy to do some research on Norse buildings--we could built one at the Althing.

Today it was the Toastmasters appreciation brunch--great food, and I'm starting to know more and more faces at the District level. They had an incredible speaker--a local guy who climbed Mount Everest with his dad, brother, and sister. He had a wonderful presentation with lots of photos and videos. Because someone climbing Everest isn't the news event it once was, it's easy to lose sight of just how incredibly dangerous it is. His account of how his oxygen ran out on the way back down was frightening--but he made it. He incidentally planted the Toastmasters banner at the summit. Really neat!

The PMI conference call today also went very well--we actually got through the entire agenda in our allotted time. We've got a new Board member in to replace one who resigned, and I think he's going to be fabulous. I wasn't sure I was going to run again for reelection, but I think I will now that my duties have become better defined and I'm not doing meeting minutes all the time.

The busy spell is continuing this week, too--two Toastmasters contests tomorrow, my own contest on Wednesday (and having to prep for it in the next couple of days), my birthday Thursday (chairing two Toastmasters meetings that day, too, and finishing up an educational award!), and Winter War on Saturday. Once that's done, things calm down for a bit.
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