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It's been a whirlwind the past couple of days, but a very good kind of whirlwind.

Yesterday evening was the Area 51 Toastmasters contest(which I was running), which went very, very well. Not only was the competition outstanding (and the two winners were from the two clubs I belong to), my budgeting for the food was dead on, and the food itself--wow, I really stumbled onto a good find. I was going to get my fruit and cookie trays from Longo's, but the chick who was taking the orders was on the phone, so I started looking at their full menu while I was waiting and ended up getting the sandwiches there, too. Not only were they cheaper than the ones I'd been looking at, I heard absolute raves about them, and oh my lord, that fruit tray!. I had budgeted for 30 people and got about 36 there, and the food still covered with room to spare, meaning I turned a profit and could pay for my trophies. I don't think it could have gone much better!

Today I finished up the last project for my Advanced Communicator Gold. I chaired two Toastmasters meetings, and chose themes for each that had something to do with my birthday. Had a great deal of fun with that! This evening, we visited the bank and made a big, fat lump-sum payment on the mortgage and arranged to start doubling our payments until it comes up for renewal next year--at which time we will hopefully pay the whole thing off, provided Dad's house sells.

Next was a lovely birthday dinner at the Keg--big, fat shrimp cocktail, wonderful prime rib with the best garlic mashed potatoes in the world. Have a beautiful raspberry creme cake in the fridge waiting for me.

Tomorrow evening, I have a scroll to finish. I also have PMP prep course documents to proofread for my PMI chapter. I may do some of those this evening.

Will be going to London Saturday for Tsivia's Pelican ceremony wrangling. Lots of cats to herd there. And then finally, things calm down a bit.
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