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Mini switch-o-rama

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Mini switch-o-rama

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Ever since we ordered the new Mini, we've been waffling about the colour. It just didn't grab us like the other shade of blue that was discontinued a couple of months back. Too much silver/grey. We weren't willing to wait and see if we liked it.

So we want over and had them find us one in the Lightning Blue. We had to upgrade to the S model (which means this sucker is actually a small sports car), but we know we'll like the colour. It's coming here from BC and will be here hopefully by the end of the month.

I've made arrangements to get the windshield replaced tomorrow on the Honda thanks to the nasty stone chip (that is now a full-fledged and growing crack) from Saturday. I have to go to the dealership since they don't actually even make it yet in after-market parts; luckily, it costs the same to me ($300 deductible) regardless. The good news is that the dealership at least gets you home and picks you up on a shuttle. I've arranged to work from home tomorrow, and it's a decent day for that--no meetings, just a lot of work on a requirements spreadsheet to get done.
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