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I'm pretty much ready to go for FiTP tomorrow. I made a trip to…

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I'm pretty much ready to go for FiTP tomorrow. I made a trip to Curry's to get a few more of those calligraphy felt tips. Once I clean out all my cartridge pens, I should be ready to go. I always like to offer people in the calligraphy class their choice of pen. This year, I won't forget my dip pen holder, so they can try everything from blatantly modern to pretty danged period.

I'd be tempted to take the Mini. I'll have to think about that one.

I will say one thing--I'm impressed with the umbrella I got from Mini. Today was extremely windy at the GO station and my umbrella turned inside out at one point, but nothing bent and nothing broke, unlike my absolutely beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright umbrella last year. (As I noted Eirik saying on his Facebook page, "you know the Germans, they make good stuff.")

I also got my order of t-shirts in from ThinkGeek in record time. (Too bad Customs nailed me--$40 on a $90 order--yike!) I've got a Knights who say Ni shirt, an "Inconceivable" shirt, a St.FU university tee, and one that says simply "Do not want." I also picked up a cat remote control from them. Instructions: point remote at subject, push any button, hope for the best. No batteries required, powered by positive thinking.
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