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February 15th, 2009

Buffalo trip

It's Sunday morning and I'm prepping for a day of painting. I'm going to tackle the downstairs bathroom first (it's definitely the easiest) followed by the upstairs bathroom. If I get time, I'll do the primer on the sewing room wall. I think I'm going to make a run to Home Depot for a decent drop cloth. It'll be a good investment.

Yesterday went out to Buffalo with D. and Yvonne to see Graycliff, which is the other Frank Lloyd Wright home open to the public. While Graycliff isn't quite the treasure that the Martin house is, it also has a fascinating history--it was used by a religious order from the 50s to the 90s, who did all kinds of funky stuff to the home. The property was purchased by a private group in the 90s to restore and open as a historical site, but initially there wasn't a lot of support from the local media who saw the site as "throwaway Wright". But the group eventually prevailed and has done an amazing amount of restoration work just as a group of volunteers. The outside of the building is mostly restored and they're working on the inside now. One neat thing is that they have a ton of photos of the whole building process and of many of the interior spaces. It's a lovely house from a transitional period for Wright--in between his Prairie period and Fallingwater--and apparently more or less kept him solvent through the 20s. Apparently there are over 3000 letters between him and Darwin Martin regarding this and the Martin house. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable about the whole property.

One interesting sideline is that they had a number of photos of the Larkin administrative building in the visitor centre. It's considered the biggest architectural loss in US history that that building was torn down, and seeing the interior photos, I see why. It was beautiful.

Other than that, got a lot accomplished yesterday. Was able to get to the bank in the States to do some funds transfer up here; found a pair of shoes at DSW, found a very green sweater at Target; got my Red Baron individual pizzas, and best of all the shop at Graycliff did indeed carry the doormat I've been coveting for a couple of years (shipping up here would have been prohibitive.) I also got a cool throw pillow for the living room and a nice set of jewellery. Had a very nice Olive Garden lunch and KFC dinner (why, oh why, does Canadian KFC suck so? The stuff in the States is so much less rubbery and the cole slaw divine, instead of the green sludge they have here.). The one downside is that Wegmans did not have our raspberry lemonade. But since we expect to be back down in Buffalo in a few weeks, we'll just check a different grocery chain.

February 4th, 2009

Short update

Glory be! the XBox fairy has brought back Dave's XBox from the dead. I can hear the familiar sounds of Fable II coming from the other room......

The new elliptical machine arrived today. Haven't unpacked it yet. And the junk guys came and hauled away the old bed from the garage. I'll be able to get the car in there shortly.

We've had to take Rocky off the antibiotics for awhile--they seem to be upsetting his stomach. He's scheduled for tooth extraction on Monday.

February 3rd, 2009


I'm amazed and impressed. After Tom Daschle withdrew his name for consideration for Obama's cabinet, Obama not only admitted he was wrong, but went on to say why, and that it would be fixed.


It is SO refreshing to see a politician take responsibility like this, rather than try to bloviate out of it. People, even the President, are allowed to make mistakes. What rankles is when they try to weasel out of them when the mistakes are exposed. We've had eight years of that (and to be honest, Bill Clinton wasn't the best at admitting his mistakes, either.)

He also clarified that protectionism is not part of his agenda, and that protectionist measures would not be in the economy's best interest.

February 2nd, 2009

iPod fu...

This morning, on the way in, my iPod shut off because the battery was low. No problem. I turned it off and made plans to recharge it at work. Panic ensued when I hooked it up and it didn't start charging--it just seemed stuck on the "Apple" screen. I briefly panicked and thought about going to buy a new one at lunch--but calmed down and looked up troubleshooting on the Apple site. Managed to get it into disk mode and was hoping I could charge it up and get it into regular mode again, but no dice.

Once I got home, however, I was able to do a reformat and get things functional again. The loss of battery power at a crucial point when I was turning it off seems to have scrambled its little brain. It's now happily reformatted and charging.

I realized on the way home just all the chatter I miss (or maybe it's better to say don't miss at all) with my iPod on. Some woman had a loud cell phone conversation for nearly half the trip back. The evening trains are definitely louder than the morning ones, where all you hear are newspapers rustling.

February 1st, 2009


The guy with the game winner for Pittsburgh is an Ohio State guy.

Great game. Lots of fun to watch.


This Super Bowl is actually entertaining. There was the 100 yard interception and return for a touchdown at the end of the first half. And now a penalty just gave Arizona two points on a safety. Most of the predictions I saw said Pittsburgh would walk all over the Cardinals.

I do miss the good US commercials, though.

Holy crap, Arizona just scored a touchdown and are now *leading*......

Long day

Yesterday was a long but thoroughly entertaining day. The Kingdom 12th night/10th anniversary event was wonderful--the only complaint was that the site was small for the number of people who showed up. We saw a number of people we haven't seen in some time, including Marian of Heatherdale and Piero, Nicolae and Sybelle, and a few other formerly very active Ealdormerians such as Valizan. Hector and Sara were there with their three-week-old son. They had a wall devoted to old photos (many culled from the collection on Two Ravens that D. posted awhile back) and a table for relics. Skating and horse-drawn cart rides took place throughout the day. I did get out on skates in garb--although it made me realize how rusty I am with skating.

After Court (highlight: the appearance of the "Ambassador from Gondwandaland" who gave the King some bananas) we headed over to Thorolfr and Eithne's place for Pennsic Solstice, and ended up staying to nearly 1 am. Just lots of pleasant conversation. Found out that there is yoga at Marchmount on Sundays, and I can go partake.

Today won't be quite as fun--I have a PMI board meeting shortly that will go until 2.

January 30th, 2009

Today, they came and plowed our street again. Which meant I had to clear the gunk out of the driveway apron AGAIN. The piles are now about 7' high at their tallest. Look like the freakin' Alps....

I was eyeing a snowblower over at Sears when we were ordering our new elliptical exercise machine. Thing is, to deal with mushy snow, you really have to get one of the two phase gas jobs. I don't want to go there. We just have our lil' driveway.

So we bought a new vacuum instead. It's one of those Dysons, specially made to deal with pet hair. We're really sick of cheap ass vacuums and decided to get a good one this time.

Tomorrow it's off to Twelfth Night/Kingdom 10th Anniversary. I've done a cool scroll for it, where I turned the Maiden's Heart badge into a diapering pattern on the capital. Very happy with it. We'll be hitting Thorolfr and Eithne's Pennsic Solstice party in the evening.

January 20th, 2009


It's been awhile since I've been proud of my American birth, but today was one of 'em. I was able to get down to First Canadian Place to see the meat of the inauguration. They had put up the huge screen they used during the Olympics and the balconies were packed with people. The entire crowd applauded both after Obama was sworn in (despite the oath fumble fu) and after his speech. It's incredible to hear someone that inspirational, so sure that the American people will pull through and pull together. I loved his line about "extending a hand (to belligerent nations) so long as they unclench their fists."

I have not felt that good about the US since the days just after 9-11 when everyone was similarly united. I am hoping that with Obama at the helm, this time it won't be squandered.

January 19th, 2009

(no subject)

OK, I don't think I've ever spent that much money on a single accessory before. I have a new Coach purse. It's the "Addison" model. I think I'm going to be very happy with it. Thing is built like a tank. I've boiled down the failure of the other purse to the strap design--the straps were not meant to bend at all and were single pieces of leather. These are attached to a ring which is then attached to the purse. The leather itself never has to flex.

Thing that sold me on it was the pockets, and the fact it has a bigger capacity than the old purse while being about the same size. I've already put it through the laptop test--fits in there just fine.

So long as I get a few years out of it, I think it will be worth the investment.

The other good news--there's a store called Vivah that has a 40% off everything sale post-Christmas--really nice silver jewellery. I got an unusual pair of earrings there for $10 and threw in another pair with little cubic zirconia stars. They packed them up in a little black envelope--which promptly disappeared around the time my purse disaster happened. I thought they were gone for good--but the envelope just turned up in my car.

Rocky continues to wolf down the salmon treats with pills hidden inside. He'll be on them for two weeks, and then we'll take him back to see how things are. Hopefully we get this heart issue calmed down with the pills, and then he can get the teeth pulled. Thank God he's a wet food cat.

We're STILL waiting to hear when we're going to get the garage door opener installed. Supposedly we were going to be on the fast track after the first appointment was called off for lack of a part, but it's now been a week and we've heard nothing.

Tomorrow is the US inauguration. I wish I could watch it--I might be able to catch a bit in the lunchroom, but I'm in an all-day meeting. I'm almost through Obama's "The Audacity of Hope." It makes me believe that there are still some smart, thinking people left in this world who haven't been beaten down by media spin and being derided as the "intellectual elite."
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