I can haz another blog...

Go to http://watching-forever.blogspot.com/ for some ruinous fun.

I've been seriously obsessed by ruins and relics for years. I've finally started a blog about them. Abandoned skyscrapers, feral houses, weird half-finished luxury playgrounds for totalitarian governments, civilizations buried in volcanic ash, towns abandoned after industrial disasters, controlled implosions, shipwrecks, and buildings where someone realized after awhile that "oops, maybe we shouldn't have torn that down"--I'll get to them all. It's partially a way for me to keep track of all the neat sites and photos and information and such I've come across in about ten years of studying what more or less comes down to the romance of decay. Disaster porn. Ya know ya wanna watch....

My LJ will remain what it is today: my personal thoughts and musings, usually not about ruined buildings.

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I'm pretty much ready to go for FiTP tomorrow. I made a trip to Curry's to get a few more of those calligraphy felt tips. Once I clean out all my cartridge pens, I should be ready to go. I always like to offer people in the calligraphy class their choice of pen. This year, I won't forget my dip pen holder, so they can try everything from blatantly modern to pretty danged period.

I'd be tempted to take the Mini. I'll have to think about that one.

I will say one thing--I'm impressed with the umbrella I got from Mini. Today was extremely windy at the GO station and my umbrella turned inside out at one point, but nothing bent and nothing broke, unlike my absolutely beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright umbrella last year. (As I noted Eirik saying on his Facebook page, "you know the Germans, they make good stuff.")

I also got my order of t-shirts in from ThinkGeek in record time. (Too bad Customs nailed me--$40 on a $90 order--yike!) I've got a Knights who say Ni shirt, an "Inconceivable" shirt, a St.FU university tee, and one that says simply "Do not want." I also picked up a cat remote control from them. Instructions: point remote at subject, push any button, hope for the best. No batteries required, powered by positive thinking.

Mini switch-o-rama

Ever since we ordered the new Mini, we've been waffling about the colour. It just didn't grab us like the other shade of blue that was discontinued a couple of months back. Too much silver/grey. We weren't willing to wait and see if we liked it.

So we want over and had them find us one in the Lightning Blue. We had to upgrade to the S model (which means this sucker is actually a small sports car), but we know we'll like the colour. It's coming here from BC and will be here hopefully by the end of the month.

I've made arrangements to get the windshield replaced tomorrow on the Honda thanks to the nasty stone chip (that is now a full-fledged and growing crack) from Saturday. I have to go to the dealership since they don't actually even make it yet in after-market parts; luckily, it costs the same to me ($300 deductible) regardless. The good news is that the dealership at least gets you home and picks you up on a shuttle. I've arranged to work from home tomorrow, and it's a decent day for that--no meetings, just a lot of work on a requirements spreadsheet to get done.
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Good stuff

It's been a whirlwind the past couple of days, but a very good kind of whirlwind.

Yesterday evening was the Area 51 Toastmasters contest(which I was running), which went very, very well. Not only was the competition outstanding (and the two winners were from the two clubs I belong to), my budgeting for the food was dead on, and the food itself--wow, I really stumbled onto a good find. I was going to get my fruit and cookie trays from Longo's, but the chick who was taking the orders was on the phone, so I started looking at their full menu while I was waiting and ended up getting the sandwiches there, too. Not only were they cheaper than the ones I'd been looking at, I heard absolute raves about them, and oh my lord, that fruit tray!. I had budgeted for 30 people and got about 36 there, and the food still covered with room to spare, meaning I turned a profit and could pay for my trophies. I don't think it could have gone much better!

Today I finished up the last project for my Advanced Communicator Gold. I chaired two Toastmasters meetings, and chose themes for each that had something to do with my birthday. Had a great deal of fun with that! This evening, we visited the bank and made a big, fat lump-sum payment on the mortgage and arranged to start doubling our payments until it comes up for renewal next year--at which time we will hopefully pay the whole thing off, provided Dad's house sells.

Next was a lovely birthday dinner at the Keg--big, fat shrimp cocktail, wonderful prime rib with the best garlic mashed potatoes in the world. Have a beautiful raspberry creme cake in the fridge waiting for me.

Tomorrow evening, I have a scroll to finish. I also have PMP prep course documents to proofread for my PMI chapter. I may do some of those this evening.

Will be going to London Saturday for Tsivia's Pelican ceremony wrangling. Lots of cats to herd there. And then finally, things calm down a bit.
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busy busy busy

This has been a very busy weekend. Yesterday, I ran some errands, refreshed my hair colour, finally started the Pelican cloak I've been gathering materials for, and then went over to Lois & Grom's place for a surprise birthday party for Grom. Wonderful food, lots of people, just a nice time. I've got Hector all bouncy to do some research on Norse buildings--we could built one at the Althing.

Today it was the Toastmasters appreciation brunch--great food, and I'm starting to know more and more faces at the District level. They had an incredible speaker--a local guy who climbed Mount Everest with his dad, brother, and sister. He had a wonderful presentation with lots of photos and videos. Because someone climbing Everest isn't the news event it once was, it's easy to lose sight of just how incredibly dangerous it is. His account of how his oxygen ran out on the way back down was frightening--but he made it. He incidentally planted the Toastmasters banner at the summit. Really neat!

The PMI conference call today also went very well--we actually got through the entire agenda in our allotted time. We've got a new Board member in to replace one who resigned, and I think he's going to be fabulous. I wasn't sure I was going to run again for reelection, but I think I will now that my duties have become better defined and I'm not doing meeting minutes all the time.

The busy spell is continuing this week, too--two Toastmasters contests tomorrow, my own contest on Wednesday (and having to prep for it in the next couple of days), my birthday Thursday (chairing two Toastmasters meetings that day, too, and finishing up an educational award!), and Winter War on Saturday. Once that's done, things calm down for a bit.

Quick update

I'm prepping for yet another trip to Buffalo. There's another piece of Dad's estate that needs some attention, so I'm heading over tomorrow afternoon. This time we've booked a room at the Sleep Cheap and will get to spend some time with my Aunt Kitty. I'm also going to get a chance to drive by a couple of the privately-owned Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Buffalo and stop by the Martin House to see how the visitor centre construction is going.

Two down...

Upstairs bathroom is now done as well. Was wondering why it wasn't drying as fast and realized it had gotten rather humid in there. (Dave had showered relatively late in the day, and it was still holding some of the moisture, especially when I shut the door. Opening the window did the trick. Also very happy I got an extra quart of paint. I needed it. Tomorrow I'll do some touchup and fix where I nicked the ceiling with the blue stuff.

I've decided to hold off on the red wall until next weekend. I did a lot of squatting and tiptoeing and stepping around stuff, so I'm pretty sore.
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One down...

The main floor bathroom is now blue. It took two coats (the second a little lighter than the first) to cover. I went over to get an extra quart at Home Depot to make sure I make it through the upstairs bathroom. I think it's going to be easier--less confined quarters there (I kept bumping into wet walls in the downstairs room) and I think the ceiling is lower there. I've got a little touchup to do once things dry downstairs, but overall I'm really happy. The shade is amazing.